We must diversify our economy to improve our economy. We must cut regulations and cut taxes to encourage the creation of new businesses.


Economic Development

As Lt. Governor, I will advocate for improving and increasing economic development. I will work with the private sector and the legislature to create a more vibrant economy.


High expectations, academic competition, and critical thinking should be the standard.


K-12 Education

Teaching Hawaiian History and Hawaiian Culture should be mandatory subjects in the public schools. Teaching Hawaiian History and Hawaiian Culture should be recommended subjects in the private schools.



Teaching the Hawaiian Language should be a mandatory subject in the public schools. Teaching the Hawaiian Language should be a recommended subject in the private schools.


The Office of Lt. Governor has been underutilized for years. As Lt. Governor, I will be a very pro-active advocate for good public policies.



The nuclear missile attack false alarm demonstrates the failure of Democrat leadership and their incompetence at all levels, system-wide and individual.


More Incompetence

The Hawaii State Hospital allowed a mentally deranged murderer to escape to the mainland. 



The Rail boondoggle is billions of dollars over budget. There should be a financial audit, but the Democrats are fighting that tooth and nail to hide their incompetence, waste, and fraud.



The State of Hawaii could save tens of millions of dollars of waste and fraud the next day a new administration is sworn in by changing bad policies and by having political will, backbone, & courage.



I see the Lt. Governor becoming an unofficial Inspector General which would be very different than the State Auditor.



I support tax cuts, and I oppose tax increases. I believe you should be able to keep your own hard earned money.


I support the Second Amendment.  I am a Life Member of the NRA.


Constitutional Carry

I support Constitutional Carry


2nd Amendment

I am Pro-2ndAmendment.  I support and believe in the right to bear arms.  The Bill of Rights of the United States of America Constitution gives us this right.  It is all about freedom and liberty.


Illegal immigration is illegal. Legal immigration is legal. I support legal immigration. I oppose illegal immigration.


Legal Immigration

Legal immigration is easy to support. I support legal immigration. When liberals support illegal immigration, they demonstrate a fundamental disrespect for the rule of law.


A strong Hawaii State defense requires a strong National Guard and competent people at the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency.



I strongly support the military unlike liberals who give lip service to "supporting the troops" but deep down really hate the military and everything it stands for in American society.




I support tax cuts, and I oppose tax increases.


Tax Policy

Public officials whose kneejerk first reaction to a fiscal crisis is to raise taxes hurt our community by not understanding basic economics. We must expel this kind of thinking from government.


Tax Reform

It's possible to raise more revenue for government without raising taxes. You just have to have the backbone and political will to be creative and not fall into the old ways of raising taxes


Lowering Taxes

Small, medium, and large businesses will invest, expand, and create more jobs when their tax burden is low.