Jeremy Low for Lt. Governor

Jeremy Low for Lt. Governor

"Make Hawaii Great Again!"

The Candidate -- Jeremy Low

Jeremy Low for Lt. Governor

I am a Real Conservative, and I am a Real Republican.

Jeremy Low for Lt. Governor

I am running for Lt. Governor to improve our economy and create new private sector jobs by implementing good and sensible public policies.

Jeremy Low for Lt. Governor

The Office of Lt. Governor has been underutilized for years.  As Lt. Governor, I will be a very pro-active advocate for good public policies.  I also see the Lt. Governor becoming an unofficial Inspector General which would be very different than the State Auditor.

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The Platform

Serving The Community

Jeremy Low was born and raised in Hawaii.  Jeremy Low's family has been here for four generations starting in the late 1800s.

Jeremy Low, his family, and his ancestors have worked tirelessly to make Hawaii a better place for everyone in our state.

United By A Common Goal

Jeremy Low knows that we all work hard to make a better life for our families. He will promote good public policies where government gets out of our way when we don't need them and helps us when we do.

Get Involved

Jeremy Low needs your assistance to win this race. Flyering, canvassing, word-of-mouth, calling, emailing, messaging, texting, signwaving, placing yardsigns, and donating are all ways of helping the campaign achieve our goals together.  Also, please ask all your friends, relatives, co-workers, and organization colleagues to support and vote for Jeremy Low in the Republican Primary Election on August 11, 2018.  Mahalo!